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ASVAB Career Exploration Program

The ASVAB Career Exploration Program is a complete career planning resource designed to empower young people to explore their career and post-secondary options in the context of their skills and interests. Then, map out a plan to get where they want to go.


Written oversees video production from conception to final cut. Our video production services convey the ASVAB CEP stories to various audiences in effective ways. From graphic-centric component tutorials to on-location user testimonials, we develop scripts and storyboards, source talents, and edit on-screen content aligned with the strategy to communicate the message.

Traditional & Digital Advertising

Through collateral such as display ads, email campaigns, direct mail pieces, social media ads, event sponsorship and more, our team has had the opportunity to promote the benefits of the ASVAB Career Exploration Program in different ways. We customize each ad to match the demands of the strategy and target audience, delivering them in the form of text, imagery, gifs, and video.

Brand Experience

Trade shows, conferences, training events, internal retreats: you name it, we've done it. From planning to execution, Written supports countless events on behalf of and to promote the ASVAB CEP. We've represented the program to the public in a multitude of capacities that were professional, recognizable, eye-catching and practical. These events have successfully elevated the brand awareness and positive reputation that the client strived to achieve.

Brand Identity

The ASVAB CEP continues to evolve to meet the diverse needs of various audiences. Our team works directly with the client to design and implement UX, content, digital marketing strategy, print collateral, interactive media, and in-person/virtual events that establish and embody a cohesive brand across all areas where the client is represented.


We design, plan, facilitate, and evaluate a series of virtual and in-person training events. We create and implement all of the content to educate government employees who administer the ASVAB CEP. As part of this training series, we developed a measurement tool using behavioral anchors to evaluate trainee performance and provide feedback. Our team is also responsible for additional logistics including registration, accommodations, travel, meals, materials coordination, and promotion.

Social Media

Content development, scheduling, analytics, advertisements: we cover it all. Keeping the client’s intended audience and goals in mind, Written develops and distributes monthly social media toolkits and full content calendars to hundreds of recipients with daily posts for all national platforms. Each social media campaign, whether paid or organic, is meticulously tracked and evaluated for success, including audience engagements, reach, and clicks. To encourage involvement, we initiated the hashtag #OptionReady so the community can post photos of their experience and be featured on our feed or story. Using augmented reality, we have also developed a number of filters and lenses to stimulate audiences on Snapchat and Instagram.

HR & Research Analysis

Our team oversees the occupational analysis and development of job-related content for This work includes evaluating the relative importance of verbal, math, and science/technical skills for over 1,000 occupations, conducting a comprehensive review of military occupations and identifying related civilian and military careers to maximize career exploration. The Department of Labor recognizes these linkages as a reputable source.

Content Marketing

Content and keyword strategy design, development, deployment and evaluation; digital marketing distribution and monitoring via owned, earned and paid media as well as subject matter expertise all come together to support the evolution of the ASVAB CEP by highlighting the program's robust resources in a meaningful way to increase participation and drive web traffic with a customized, trackable content marketing strategy.

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