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Careers in the Military

Careers in the Military, powered by ASVAB CEP, allows young people to discover military job opportunities in the context of their skills and interests.


We developed several promotional videos that reflect the capabilities of the client's website and mission using informative graphics and easy-to-understand narratives. From developing scripts, sourcing voice-over talents, and creating on-screen content, Written oversees the production of all videos from start to finish.

Brand Identity

Written was a key player in providing the design and content facelift to the CTM website. The new branding more clearly communicates and represents the complexity and well-known high standards of the Military Services. While focusing on making the website visually appealing and engaging for its audience, the content was also specifically developed to break down complex concepts into a digestible format.

Social Media

In order to increase brand awareness and website traffic, Written develops a monthly social media calendar (approximately 2-3 posts per week) for Careers in the Military platforms. Our team collaborates with industry partners to share relevant and useful resources to the target audience. Social media posts are scheduled using Hootsuite and gauged for success by measuring audience engagements, post reach, and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

HR Research & Analysis

Written revamped and updated all content for the Careers in the Military website. We developed a new occupational taxonomy for military occupations and continue to analyze over 8,000 Service-specific occupations and consolidate them into career fields. We update military career descriptions and the underlying occupational databases to reflect the new taxonomy.

Content Marketing

Communicating the career options and benefits offered by each Service of the United States Military can be challenging. Our team enjoys the opportunity to work with the content in a way that makes it easy to understand and quick to inform. For Careers in the Military, we have created all online and print collateral from website content and handouts, to email campaigns and social media engagements. We give prospective Service members a complete vision of career choices so they can make the most informed decisions when thinking about their future.

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