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HR Strategy Group, LLC

HR Strategy Group helps growing organizations solve their toughest human resource challenges by providing in-depth HR strategy, consulting, and recruiting solutions. 

Brand Identity

With new content and visual branding came a stronger, more streamlined service offering. HR Strategy Group now capitalizes on their strengths and engages more directly with the specific clients they wish to target. We strategically map out content to keep the HR Strategy Group social and web channels actively providing value to its clients.

Social Media

Looking to create an informative, interactive social media presence, HR Strategy Group enlisted Written to overhaul their existing platforms. Each month, Written develops a social media toolkit focused on current trends, events, and promotions. These toolkits also include custom graphics which reflect the HR Strategy Group brand. After consulting with the client, the social media posts are scheduled and published via a third party social media management platform and analyzed for success by the team.

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