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Written LLC is a boutique strategic communications agency. That means we create custom solutions to fit your desired outcome and budget. 


Written was born when the owner went through a breakup with her previous employer. Yes, she got dumped (er fired). Luckily, crisis equals opportunity. If you’ve never been fired (or dumped) just know it feels a lot like the end until you realize it’s actually the beginning. That end was the start of something good.


That’s what we do, good work. Always.


We specialize in supporting career development for the education sector with a niche in occupational analysis to market pathway options to American youth. We quickly realized that our approach has application across industries.


Our team is a unique blend of marketing experts and industrial/organizational psychologists. The I/O side of the house is the real brains of the operation. They conduct meaningful research and analysis to determine the best way to get where you want to go and measure performance results to keep things on track or make needed adjustments. The marketing team is the idea engine. They work with you to understand your desired endgame and create solutions to bring your vision to life. Together, we can be your trusted advisor, outsourced PR and marketing department, or work in tandem with your staff to build your brand.


We are dedicated to building brand credibility so you can be a part of the conversations impacting your business so that you can influence what happens.

​Headquartered in Maryland, our remote team collaborates with one another and with clients all across the US.

Written LLC is a woman-owned small business.


Our team is a unique blend of communications experts and industrial/organizational psychologists. Our collective creativity and experience allows us to craft one-of-a-kind solutions exclusively for your purpose.

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